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One Sunday we come to church and wave palm branches. Jesus is entering Jerusalem triumphantly! The next Sunday we come to church and we see Easter lilies. Jesus is risen! But what happens between those two celebrations?

I wish we didn’t have to live from one Sunday to the next because what happens between those two occurrences is awful to recount. He’s beaten, mocked, nailed to a piece of wood and killed in a painfully slow manner. What’s to celebrate?

Yet if Jesus did not endure these things, which we collectively call the Passion, then he wouldn’t be….Jesus! We can’t have Jesus without the Cross. We can’t have Christmas, Palm Sunday or Easter without the Cross. We cannot be Christians without the Cross.

The disciples said “See, Lord, here are two swords.” That is enough,” he replied.
Luke 22:38 (NIV)

We find Jesus with his disciples. They are on alert because they are afraid that Jesus will be arrested soon. Many travelers in that region carried swords to protect themselves from bandits. So that makes sense to carry them for security. But it also seems that he gives them permission to defend him with swords if they are attacked. Does he?

Are two swords enough to stop the Roman military if they want to take Jesus by force? Does Jesus mean, “That’s enough to get the job done”? Or does he mean, “That’s enough, I’m tired of folks using violence to get their way”? Maybe he’s being sarcastic: “Hey Jesus, we’ve got two swords!” “Oh yeah, THAT will be enough to stop a legion!”

“Put your sword back in its place,” Jesus said to him, “for all who draw the sword will die by the sword.
Matthew 26:52 (NIV)

One of Jesus disciple’s draws his sword and cuts off the ear of one of the soldiers sent to arrest Jesus. Jesus doesn’t just say that this wasn’t the way to act. He then heals the ear of the soldier. I wonder if this same soldier later tortured, mocked and crucified Jesus? Does it make you mad to think that Jesus may have healed someone who then turned right back around and tortured and killed him later?

I found this as a way to explain why all this happened this way:
“God has no need of our services, much less of our sins, to bring about his purposes. Though Christ was crucified through weakness, it was a voluntary weakness; he submitted to death. If he had not been willing to suffer, they could not conquer him.” – Matthew Henry’s Concise Commentary

I want Jesus to call on angels to protect him. I want the disciples to become generals and lead the people as an army against the Romans. I want the motion picture epic story line with a rousing speech on the battle line and a musical score by John Williams! I love Jesus so much I want to pick up my sword to defend him!

But Jesus asks me to put down my sword. He’s got this one. He asks me to trust him.

The week between Palm Sunday and Easter is Holy Week. Jesus is going to triumph, we’ve already flipped to the last page of the story and read the ending. But let’s take this week to reflect on just what it cost Him to bring us Easter.

basketball champs

Which shirt color do you want for our Discovery Weekend shirts? Everyone who attends will get one! Voting ends Sunday, March 7th at 11:59 pm.



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Sunday Night Youth: Feb 28th @ 6 pm

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mason, chris, andy lead program

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Super Bowl Party 2010

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Super-Bowl-2010.jpg (JPEG Image, 580x320 pixels)-1

This Sunday evening, we’ll watch the game at the home of Brooklyn Clark.

Party starts at 5:15 pm and food will be served.

The address is 7533 Kings Mountain Road. See you there!

Fri-Sat, January 29-30    Confirmation Retreat @ Sumatanga (*THIS IS AN OPTIONAL EVENT)
“5 to Thrive: The Five Vows of Membership”
Cost: $75
We will leave the church, Fri. at 5 pm; Return Sat at 3:30 pm
Begins Friday at 6 pm with dinner; ends Saturday at 2:30 pm

Wed, February 3        1. God, Sin & Grace

Wed, February 10        2. Jesus as Savior & Lord, Salvation & Atonement

Wed, February 17        NO CLASS – (Feb 15-16 school is out)

Wed, February 24        3. The Holy Spirit and Spiritual Gifts

Wed, March 3        4. The Bible & Worship

Wed, March 10        5. Loving God, Serving Others; What is the Church?

Wed, March 17        NO CLASS – SPRING BREAK

Wed, March 24        6. Our History & Heritage

Fri, March 26        Dinner & Refresher Conversation, Time/Place TBD

Wed, March 31        7. Being a Methodist, Structure and Beliefs

Wed, April 7            8. Baptism, Commitment & Confirmation

Sun, April 11            Confirmation Sunday

Classes meet on Wednesdays at 4:30 pm, before Fellowship Supper
Schedule is based on “Claim the Name: Confirmation” Teaching Plan for 8 Weeks
Students must attend at least 7 of the 8 classes to be confirmed

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Basketball Schedule 2010

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Sr High Boys Basketball Schedule 2010

*All regular season games are on Thursday nights.

Jan 14: 7pm vs. Bluff Park
@ Trinity UMC – Homewood

Jan 21: 7 pm vs. Trinity UMC – Homewood
@ Trinity UMC

Jan 28: 7 pm vs. Vestavia Hills UMC
@ Trinity UMC

Feb 4: 7 pm vs. Mountain Chapel UMC
@ Trinity UMC

Feb 11: 8 pm vs. Riverchase UMC
@ Vestavia Hills UMC

Feb 18: 7 pm vs. Bluff Park UMC

Feb 25: 7 pm vs. Trinity UMC- Homewood

League Championship Games @ VHUMC
(# denotes league standings)
March 4th
6 pm: #4 vs. #1
7 pm: #3 vs. #2
8 pm: #6 vs. #5
9 pm: Winner of 6 pm vs. Winner of 7 pm

Games will be cancelled if Vestavia Schools are closed due to inclement weather.

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December Calendar

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December 2009 Youth Calendar

Wednesday, 9th – We will have our regular youth schedule this Wednesday.

Sunday, 13th – Super Happy Fun Time Awesome Game @ 6 pm
Improv games and stupid human tricks win points and awards (sort of). Parents are welcome to attend for the laughs or participate as judges. As always, no wagering please.

Monday, 14th – Prayer Breakfast @ 7 am
Let’s begin exam week with prayer as a priority. Contact Bart if you would like to help by bringing food or arriving a little early to set up for the students.

Wednesday, 16th – Brain Food & Caroling
Contact Bart if you would like to bring the following: trail mix, sliced fruit, peanut butter, granola, etc. before supper. $3 pizza for dinner and then we will go caroling.

Sunday, 20th – Christmas Dinner @ 6 pm (at the church)
Dress: Nice Casual
Bring a Dirty Santa gift (up to a $15 value)
Bring a Christmas Angel gift (Contact Rhonda Hardwick @ 529-8001 for more details)

Monday, 21st – Hang Out & NCAA Tourney Finale @ 10 am
All youth are invited to hang out at the church until 5:30 pm today! Bring your video game consoles, favorite games, music, snacks and $5 for pizza.

Tuesday, 22nd – End of School Celebration @ 5:30 pm (meet at the church)
We’ll head to PlayStation in Trussville from 6-9 pm
$2 for a Skate Pass and $2 for Each Game of Laser Tag
Contact Bart if you will drive and chaperon our youth for the evening.

Wednesday, 23rd – No YOUTH Activities
Sunday, 27th – No YOUTH Activities
Wednesday, 30th – No YOUTH Activities

Ski Trip Group:
Monday, 28th – Ski Trip Departs @ TBD
Thursday, 31st – Ski Trip Returns @ TBD

time for peaceEach Christmas, we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. This Sunday, we’ll focus on a common phrase we hear a lot at Christmas:

“Peace on Earth and Goodwill Towards Men”

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Update on NCAA Football Tourney

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The tournament field has been whittled down to 4 players with no losses and 7 players with 1 loss each. Players are welcome to contact each other and play the next two rounds on their own using the same rules from Saturday OR they can wait until we can set a date for their next game back at the youth area.

Big props to Jake, Jared, Coby, Bradford, Bart, and Reid played great and were even better sports throughout their games!

UPCOMING GAMES (As of 3 pm, Monday, November 23, 2009)

Bracket A – Round 4 (Winners advance to Bracket A, Round 5; losers move to Bracket B, Round 5)

Ty vs. Chandler

Will H. vs. Ben H.

Bracket B -  Round 2 (Winner advances to Bracket B, Round 3; loser is eliminated)

Patrick O vs. Walker M.

Bracket B – Round 3 (Winner advances to Bracket B, Round 4; loser is eliminated)

Patrick or Walker vs. Nathan H.

Peyton H. vs. Nolan T.

Bracket B – Round 4 (Winner advances to Bracket B, Round 5; loser is eliminated)

Patrick or Walker or Nathan vs. Niko P.

Peyton or Nolan vs. Ryan D.