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Senior High Students

Zach Miller
Mason Wingo
Chris Smith
Will Hardwick
Curtis Bowden
Austin Redmayne
Jordan Blow
Nate Dauphin
Ian Kirkconnell
Drew Thomas

Ann Emory Harris
Madison Miller
Abby Gosdin
Juliana Cvetetic
Lydia Chappell
Darcy Bramer
Olivia Paige
Madeleine Lawson
Lindsey Comas
Claire Adams
Lily Hardwick
Hannah Layne

Junior High Students

Bradford Abele
Michael Comas
Will Newton
Randall Clark
Ty Roberts
Cameron Ewing
Jackson Ewing
Grant Thomas
Niko Paige
Reid Adams
William Morhard
Austin Miller
Jared Chappell
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College Age and Young Adult Volunteers

Ali Bramer
Olivia Morhard
Will Gosdin
Andy Newton

Discovery is a weekend spiritual formation event for our youth. The senior highs and adults of the church serve as leaders of the weekend and lead the junior highs into a deeper relationship with Christ. There will be fun music, skits and games as well as talks by senior highs, small group discussions and times for worship and prayer. We believe Discovery will transform the lives of the youth involved as well as transform the life of our church.

Whether you have been active youth or parent or not, you are invited to participate. Everyone is invited to experience the love of God and find out how much God has to say.

Cost and Packing List

The cost of Discovery Weekend is $75 per junior high student. Senior highs who help out are not charged. The event begins Friday, January 21st at 7 pm and ends just after church on Sunday, January 23rd. We will provide food, activities and supplies. Youth just need to bring their Bible, sleeping bag, pillow, casual clothes, and toiletries. Junior highs will sleep in the church each night with adult chaperons and senior highs will stay with host families in the neighborhood.

How to sign up

You can contact me at the church any time. 

I hope you will join us for this wonderful experience. You will be glad you did!

For parents, this is such an important and formative event in the faith journey of your child, that we expect everyone to help in some way. Whether you can stay all weekend or can gather supplies ahead of time, we need your help.

To volunteer, contact Lisa Bramer at