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Wow. Is it really almost time to go back to school? Here’s my personal Top 5 List from this summer:

5. We said goodbye to Pastor Keith. Weird to put a “goodbye” on a Top 5 List? Well, think about it. For a lot of our youth, this was the only pastor they had ever known. Keith was such a blessing to our youth and our church family, bringing us all together and building us up for whatever happens next. Now he’s focusing on some writing and music projects and we can’t wait to hear how God uses his gifts next! So saying “bye” to Keith meant that we get to support him in his next season of ministry. What a great way to say how much we love Keith!

4. We welcomed Pastor Wade! Wade Griffith came to us from Trinity UMC in Tuscaloosa. He’s already joined us scraping paint off of a house in Woodlawn and on our rafting trip.  He’s also a big gamer, so look for him on XBoX Live!

3. We scraped, primed and painted several house across Birmingham. What a blessing to be used by God to help neighbors in need. Tons of our youth participated throughout the summer. Big thanks to Urban Ministries for helping us make this happen.

2. Vacation Bible School was a hit! Kudos to our youth who did such a great job in skits, running video and sound, and leading groups of children all week long. We’ve got great leaders in our group.

1. FUN!! The scavenger hunt at the mall, Zombies vs. Humans, swimming at Liberty Park’s pool, the Relient K concert, the swim party with the youth from Genesis UMC, dodgeball versus the youth from Mountain Chapel UMC, video games in the youth room….we’ve had a lot of fun throughout the summer.

As much as I loved this summer, God has great things in store for us this fall. I cannot wait to be a part of it. I hope you’ll join us!

Still In One Peace,