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Update on NCAA Football Tourney

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The tournament field has been whittled down to 4 players with no losses and 7 players with 1 loss each. Players are welcome to contact each other and play the next two rounds on their own using the same rules from Saturday OR they can wait until we can set a date for their next game back at the youth area.

Big props to Jake, Jared, Coby, Bradford, Bart, and Reid played great and were even better sports throughout their games!

UPCOMING GAMES (As of 3 pm, Monday, November 23, 2009)

Bracket A – Round 4 (Winners advance to Bracket A, Round 5; losers move to Bracket B, Round 5)

Ty vs. Chandler

Will H. vs. Ben H.

Bracket B -  Round 2 (Winner advances to Bracket B, Round 3; loser is eliminated)

Patrick O vs. Walker M.

Bracket B – Round 3 (Winner advances to Bracket B, Round 4; loser is eliminated)

Patrick or Walker vs. Nathan H.

Peyton H. vs. Nolan T.

Bracket B – Round 4 (Winner advances to Bracket B, Round 5; loser is eliminated)

Patrick or Walker or Nathan vs. Niko P.

Peyton or Nolan vs. Ryan D.

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NCAA Football 10 Tournament

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ncaa tourney logoEligible Teams:
Eligible teams must not have an Overall, Defensive or Offensive rating higher than a B+. Teams are claimed on a first-come, first-serve basis by emailing and must be confirmed by a reply email from Bart.

Ineligible Teams:
Bama, Cal, Florida, Florida State, Georgia, Georgia Tech, LSU, Miami, Michigan, North Carolina, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Ole Miss, Oregon, Penn State, Tennessee, Texas, Southern Cal

Overall Game Play Rules of the Tournament:
No “global” playbooks may be used.
Difficulty setting will be All-American.
5 minute quarters.
In-game injuries will not carry over to the next game.
Created teams or players cannot be used in the tournament.
Fatigue and injuries will be ON.
Weather is OFF.
NO fake punts or field goals.
NO on-sides kicks unless a player is losing in the 4 quarter.
Players are not allowed to audible out of QB kneel, field goal or punt formations.

This will be a double-elimination tournament. All teams will be randomly seeded in Bracket A to begin the tournament. Teams that win will continue to advance in Bracket A. Once a team loses their first game, they will be moved to Bracket B, where they must win all remaining games or face elimination from the tournament. So any team with two losses is immediately eliminated. The last team with 0-1 games lost will win the tournament. The second team listed in a specific match-up gets to be the home team. Games may be played on either a PS3 or a XBOX 360, depending on the first-available console.

In addition to “in-game” penalties, the following behavior will be penalized. Unsportsmanlike conduct by a youth participant (trash-talking, profanity, throwing controller, etc.) will result in a player on defense taking an off-sides penalty OR the quarterback on offense taking a delay of game penalty on the next resulting play.


Arizona – Reid Adams

Arizona State – Ty Roberts

Arkansas – Walker Minor

Auburn – Bradford Abele

Boise State – Niko Paige

Clemson – Austin Hancock

Houston – Will Hardwick

Iowa – Will Vickery

Kansas – Ben Haynie

Michigan State – Jai Hammers

Nebraska – Curtis Bowden

Oregon State – Jake Rice

South Florida – Jared Chappell

Texas A&M – Grant Young

TCU – Peyton Hewitt

Texas Tech – Coby Milner

Tulsa – Norman Chen

Vanderbilt – Patrick O’Sheal

Virginia Tech – Nathan Hospes

Western Kentucky – Ryan Detwiler

West Virginia – Nolan Turner

Wisconsin – Bart Styes