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Which shirt color do you want for our Discovery Weekend shirts? Everyone who attends will get one! Voting ends Sunday, March 7th at 11:59 pm.



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Sunday Night Youth: Feb 28th @ 6 pm

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mason, chris, andy lead program

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Super Bowl Party 2010

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Super-Bowl-2010.jpg (JPEG Image, 580x320 pixels)-1

This Sunday evening, we’ll watch the game at the home of Brooklyn Clark.

Party starts at 5:15 pm and food will be served.

The address is 7533 Kings Mountain Road. See you there!

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December Calendar

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December 2009 Youth Calendar

Wednesday, 9th – We will have our regular youth schedule this Wednesday.

Sunday, 13th – Super Happy Fun Time Awesome Game @ 6 pm
Improv games and stupid human tricks win points and awards (sort of). Parents are welcome to attend for the laughs or participate as judges. As always, no wagering please.

Monday, 14th – Prayer Breakfast @ 7 am
Let’s begin exam week with prayer as a priority. Contact Bart if you would like to help by bringing food or arriving a little early to set up for the students.

Wednesday, 16th – Brain Food & Caroling
Contact Bart if you would like to bring the following: trail mix, sliced fruit, peanut butter, granola, etc. before supper. $3 pizza for dinner and then we will go caroling.

Sunday, 20th – Christmas Dinner @ 6 pm (at the church)
Dress: Nice Casual
Bring a Dirty Santa gift (up to a $15 value)
Bring a Christmas Angel gift (Contact Rhonda Hardwick @ 529-8001 for more details)

Monday, 21st – Hang Out & NCAA Tourney Finale @ 10 am
All youth are invited to hang out at the church until 5:30 pm today! Bring your video game consoles, favorite games, music, snacks and $5 for pizza.

Tuesday, 22nd – End of School Celebration @ 5:30 pm (meet at the church)
We’ll head to PlayStation in Trussville from 6-9 pm
$2 for a Skate Pass and $2 for Each Game of Laser Tag
Contact Bart if you will drive and chaperon our youth for the evening.

Wednesday, 23rd – No YOUTH Activities
Sunday, 27th – No YOUTH Activities
Wednesday, 30th – No YOUTH Activities

Ski Trip Group:
Monday, 28th – Ski Trip Departs @ TBD
Thursday, 31st – Ski Trip Returns @ TBD

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Sifat Trip Packing List

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Phone Number for Sifat is 256-396-2015

Sifat Packing List

Warm Clothes
Rain Gear
Closed-toe shoes or boots
Personal care items and any prescribed medication
Sleeping bag and pillow
Water bottle
Backpack or bag (required to carry all personal items into the village area)
Money for Dinner on Tuesday Night (we will eat in Oxford, AL)

Money for Sifat gift shop

Do not bring:
Excessive money
Valuables or jewelry
Electronic devices/games

Weather Forecast for Tuesday, November 10th:

High of 65F, Low of 57F, with heavy rain throughout the night.

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KAOS Rules

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Liberty Crossings KAOS Fall 2009

The game consists of players tagging their targets while attempting to avoid their own targeters. The last player untagged is the winner.

I. Tagging Your Target
You can tag a person only by successfully hitting the front of his or her torso with water from an approved water gun; water guns must be small, able to fit into the palm of a hand, and must be brightly colored.

Any destruction of property or physical harm to individuals will not be tolerated and may result in disqualification.

II. Protecting Yourself
If, and only if, you notice your targeter holding a water gun and making a move to tag you or get near you (regardless of whether you are in a safe zone at the time), then you may tag that targeter at any time in the future. If you succeed, it is called a “defensive tag.” All the rules that apply to regular tags also apply to defensive tags.

III. Outside Assistance
No one is allowed to tag your target but you. Others may ”take hits” for you but they cannot actually tag anyone.

IV. Allowable Water Guns
All water guns used in this game must be small, able to fit into the palm of a hand and must be brightly colored. Large water cannons, water balloons, or water guns that are not easily identifiable as toys will not be tolerated and may result in player disqualification.

V. Safe Zones
Safe Zones are areas in which you cannot tag or be tagged by anyone. If someone attempts to tag you in a safe zone, please inform him or her that you are in a safe zone and that their tag is invalid.

VI. Safe Zones Include:
* All school property (buildings, parking lots, stadiums, etc.)
* Any KAOS Organizational Meetings
* The inside of a player’s house
* Bathrooms
* Places of worship (Inside of any church is off limits! But church parking lots and grounds are OK as long as it doesn’t cause a scene among non-players.)
You may not tag a person where they work.
Cars are safe unless in park.

VII. Your Target
Your target is the person you are currently assigned to tag. When you tag your target, you will be assigned a new target. When the game begins, you will receive the name of your target. You will be given a new target within 24 hours of a valid reported tag.

VIII. Reporting Tags
When you tag someone, either while completing your mission or defending yourself from a targeter, you should report the tag as soon as possible. You will be given the option to include a detailed story about how the tag happened and what sequence of events led to it. The report will be posted for all to enjoy!

Realistically, the target has no real motivation to report his or her tag. Therefore, if the targeter reports the tag before the target has, the target will have 24 hours to dispute or confirm the tag. If the target does not act within the allotted time, the game’s administrators will assume that he or she does not dispute the tag, and the target will be noted as tagged.

However, we strongly encourage all players to report their tags as soon as possible so that games can run smoothly.

IX. Tagged
If you are tagged, we ask that you exit the game politely and with good sportsmanship; there will be many opportunities to play again.

Also, when you are tagged, your targeter will be reassigned to target the player whom you were targeting so you should give your target to your targeter when he or she tags you.

All participants are expected to adhere to all applicable laws and all school, church, workplace, place of business and place of worship policies. Any disregard for the law and such policies will not be tolerated.

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Welcome to Our Youth Group’s Website

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Chattooga July 2009We’re the youth of Liberty Crossings, a United Methodist church in Liberty Park. Most of us attend Liberty Park Middle School and Vestavia Hills High School but we also have students at International Baccalaureate and Homewood High. Any youth grades 6-12 is welcome to join us. We’re trying to create something beautiful for God, in our church, families, schools, neighborhood, and in ourselves. We hope you will join us on this journey.